Benefits of Using A Chartered Broker

Not All Insurance Brokers are the same

Whilst in the past “experience” alone would be enough for Insurance Brokers and agents to trade, in a modern, evolving and ever more complex world, it is “Chartered” status which differentiates and allows Customers to seek out Professional Brokers with both experience and industry-specific higher-level qualifications, allowing them to deliver higher quality advice and service delivery.

Being a Chartered Broker not only reflects the rigorous qualification criteria required by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) but also our business commitment to continually raise standards of knowledge, capability and ethical practice of Directors and staff, with adherence to an industry standard Code of Ethics and Conduct, enforced through disciplinary sanctions.

Wheatley’s recognise the importance of having Chartered Brokers available to speak to clients, over the phone, or “face to face” which allows us to deliver the following benefits:-

  • Confidence that you are receiving the very best advice, first time, every time.
  • You are dealing with professionals who really care and understand the critical importance of insurance in protecting your business and livelihood as if it were our own.
  • Chartered Brokers maintain the highest levels of technical knowledge and competence through professional qualifications, adhering to Continuous Professional Development and a Code of Ethics laid down by the Chartered Insurance Institute.

Wheatley’s understand that we, as a business, are only as strong as the staff and Directors working within the business and whom we rely upon to deliver the service and support to our clients.  As such, Wheatley’s is committed and provides all help, financial support and pathways for all staff to become fully qualified and Chartered individuals in their own right, allowing us to differentiate ourselves from our competitors, who are often satisfied to rely upon “experience” alone, which in today’s technical, complex and evolving insurance world, in our opinion is no longer enough.

Wheatley’s are professional, qualified and put simply, a name you can trust to deliver more than you expect.